Beware of scammers


ABA scammer alert 2023 detail en

Dear​ ABA​ customers,

We have recently identified different Telegram groups under various names sharing information and news on crypto trading in Cambodia and engaging more members to be on board to expand their network.

We would advise our valued customers to be extra vigilant of such activity as crypto trading is illegal in Cambodia; this is in accordance to National Bank of Cambodia’s Notification No. B7.017.1058 Sor.Chor.Nor dated 5 December 2017 on “Prevention to use, circulate, buy, sell, settle and promote Crypto Currencies and similar electronic commodities which is not certified by National Bank of Cambodia in the banking and financial system in Cambodia”.

Those groups also mentioned ABA Bank as one of the banks which their members can make payments and transfer funds from their crypto trading, which is NOT TRUE as ABA does not support any illegal activities.

Therefore, to protect our customers’ interests, ABA firmly highlights the following:

  • ABA Bank has no relation to or any other fund involvement with crypto trading;
  • All payments and transfers to and from cryptocurrency-related on ABA accounts will be carefully monitored and blocked;
  • ABA will not be responsible for any losses caused by crypto-related transactions.

If you are invited or accidentally joined those groups, please leave them as soon as you can. You can also immediately report any suspicious activities related to crypto trading to us at or toll-free 1 800 203 203 and 098 203 333.

Share this information with your family and friends to help them stay protected!