ABA supports the active use of electronic payments


ABA Joint Statement CMA 1ABA Joint Statement CMA 1

We​ at​ ABA​ fully​ support​ the​ Joint​ Press​ Statement​ of​ the​ Association​ of​ Banks​ in​ Cambodia​ (ABC),​ Cambodia​ Microfinance​ Association​ (CMA),​ and​ Cambodian​ Association​ of​ Finance​ and​ Technology​ (CAFT)​ to​ minimize​ the​ transmission​ of​ Covid-19​ by​ actively​ using​ digital​ finance​ and​ electronic​ payments.​ Going​ cashless​ is​ a​ much​ safer​ way​ to​ keep​ yourselves​ and​ your​ loved​ ones​ away​ from​ risk!​

That​ is​ why​ ABA​ brings​ you​ the​ best-in-class​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ to​ solve​ all​ your​ banking​ needs.​ We​ encourage​ everyone​ to​ avoid​ using​ cash​ and​ settle​ bills,​ transfer​ money,​ and​ pay​ at​ stores​ with​ ABA​ Mobile​ or​ ABA​ contactless​ cards.​

Stay​ safe​ and​ download​ ABA​ Mobile​ now​ using​ this​ link.

For​ safe​ in-store​ payments,​ consider​ using​ PayWay​ Mobile​ app.​ With​ PayWay​ Mobile​ app,​ seller​ can​ generate​ QR​ codes​ right​ in​ their​ smartphone​ and​ accept​ instant​ payments​ in​ USD​ and​ KHR​ directly​ to​ their​ ABA​ account.​ For​ more​ information​ about​ PayWay​ Mobile​ click here.