ABA supports ABC Cybersecurity Day 2024, promoting best practices within the sector


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ABA Bank, Cambodia’s largest commercial bank1, proudly acted as Diamond Sponsor for Cybersecurity Day 2024 organized by the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) on May 17, 2024. Cybersecurity Day 2024 served as a platform for collaboration between banks and authorities to safeguard consumers, build trust, and raise awareness about cybersecurity best practices within the banking industry.

The event was presided over by H.E. Kimty Kormoly, Director General of Banking Operations of the National Bank of Cambodia, Major General Sok Nithya, Director of the Anti-Cyber Crime Department, and witnessed other distinguished participants.

ABA’s Head of Cyber Security Division, Rathana Men, participated in a panel discussion titled "Safeguarding Customer Trust in the Era of Mobile Banking with a Holistic Security Strategy."

During the discussion, Rothana emphasized the ever-increasing reliance on smartphones for financial transactions. He addressed the critical need for compliance with privacy regulations and transparent data practices to ensure customer trust.

ABA encourages users to stay informed about evolving security risks and adopt safe mobile banking practices. Here are some key tips:

  • Never reveal or provide the details necessary to register with banking app to anyone;
  • Never give anyone, including those claiming to be bank’s employees, the security codes obtained from an SMS or push notification;
  • Never disclose to the public the phone number connected to your banking app;
  • Change the PIN code of your banking app on a regular basis;
  • Install applications on your smartphone only from the authorized app store of your smartphone.

ABA Bank remains committed to promoting best practices in cybersecurity and safeguarding the Cambodian financial sector.

1 ABA Bank is the largest commercial bank in Cambodia in terms of total assets, customer deposits, gross loans, and profitability based on the National Bank of Cambodia’s Annual Supervision Report 2021-2023.