ABA opens the 24/7 self-banking spot near the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital


ABA 24/7 Sovanna 1ABA 24/7 Sovanna 1
ABA 24/7 Sovanna 2ABA 24/7 Sovanna 2
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The tenth ABA 24/7 self-banking spot officially opens today near the Phnom Penh’s Sovanna Shopping Mall to  provide around-the-clock access to self-banking facilities for the customers in the area.

Prominently​ stood​ on​ 271​ Boulevard​ and​ just​ 300m​ from​ the​ famous​ Khmer​ Soviet​ Friendship​ Hospital,​ the​ newest​ spot​ to​ ABA’s​ 24/7​ self-banking​ network​ is​ a​ convenient​ addition​ to​ the​ self-banking​ services​ offered​ by​ Stung​ Meanchey,​ Ou​ Beak​ K’am​ and​ Phsar​ Derm​ Thkov​ branches​ of​ ABA​ located​ nearby.​ The​ spot​ helps​ ABA​ customers​ to​ perform​ cash​ deposits/withdrawals,​ and​ check​ deposits​ from​ any​ banks​ anytime,​ seven​ days​ a​ week​ and​ free​ of​ charge.

With​ ample​ of​ dedicated​ parking​ space​ and​ security​ guard​ on​ duty,​ customers​ who​ are​ residing​ or​ working​ nearby​ can​ now​ skip​ visiting​ to​ a​ bank​ branch​ for​ basic​ banking​ services​ while​ enjoying​ a​ convenient​ and​ secure​ banking.

The​ tenth​ ABA​ 24/7​ self-banking​ spot​ is​ located​ at​ #A07,​ Street​ 271,​ Phum​ 4,​ Sangkat​ Tumnob​ Tuek,​ Khan​ Boeng​ Keng​ Kang,​ Phnom​ Penh.​ You​ can​ also​ check​ its​ location​ on​ the​ map​ here.​

For​ inquiries​ on​ ABA​ 24/7​ self-banking​ spots,​ call​ 023​ 225​ 333​ or​ visit​ its​ dedicated​ webpage.

Thank​ you​ for​ banking​ with​ us!