ABA​ empowers​ tech​ startups​ through​ sponsorship​ of​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program


ABA sponsorship of​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ ProgramABA sponsorship of​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program
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ABA​ Bank,​ Cambodia's​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ and​ foremost​ digital​ finance​ provider,​ announces​ its​ sponsorship​ of​ the​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program,​ a​ strategic​ initiative​ to​ propel​ the​ growth​ of​ local​ tech​ startups​ and​ technology-driven​ SMEs.

The​ program,​ established​ by​ Prestige​ Consulting​ and​ Khmer​ Enterprise​ and​ officially​ launched​ on​ 24​ August​ 2023,​ embodies​ ABA​ Bank's​ steadfast​ commitment​ to​ innovation,​ technology​ adoption,​ and​ the​ digitalization​ of​ Cambodia's​ business​ landscape.

Through​ its​ sponsorship,​ ABA​ Bank​ will​ support​ tech​ startups​ and​ SMEs,​ including​ investment​ readiness​ training,​ mentorship,​ and​ investment​ deal​ advisory.​ It​ will​ help​ participants​ navigate​ the​ complex​ business​ development​ world​ and​ secure​ vital​ investments,​ propelling​ them​ from​ ideation​ to​ sustainable​ success.

"We​ are​ excited​ to​ support​ the​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program​ as​ part​ of​ our​ commitment​ to​ fostering​ innovation​ and​ growth​ in​ Cambodia's​ tech​ startup​ ecosystem,"​ said​ Theam​ Romny,​ Chief​ External​ Relations​ Officer​ and​ Regional​ Manager​ of​ ABA​ Bank.​ "By​ providing​ sponsorship,​ ABA​ aims​ to​ empower​ emerging​ businesses​ with​ the​ resources​ they​ need​ to​ succeed​ in​ the​ digital​ age."

The​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program​ is​ a​ valuable​ resource​ for​ tech​ startups​ in​ Cambodia.​ The​ program's​ training,​ mentorship,​ and​ investment​ advisory​ will​ help​ startups​ develop​ their​ business​ plans,​ raise​ capital,​ and​ navigate​ the​ complex​ world​ of​ business​ development.

ABA​ Bank's​ sponsorship​ aligns​ with​ the​ Royal​ Government​ of​ Cambodia's​ vision​ for​ digital​ advancement,​ as​ outlined​ in​ the​ Cambodia​ Digital​ Economy​ and​ Society​ Policy​ Framework​ 2021-2035.

​The​ SprintX​ Accelerator​ Program​ is​ open​ to​ tech​ startups​ and​ technology-driven​ SMEs​ based​ in​ Cambodia​ with​ a​ viable​ business​ model.​ The​ program​ will​ run​ for​ 12​ weeks​ and​ culminate​ in​ a​ Demo​ Day,​ where​ participants​ will​ pitch​ their​ businesses​ to​ a​ panel​ of​ investors.