ABA customers can now pay for more EDC services with ABA PAY


EDC services with ABA PAYEDC services with ABA PAY
EDC services with ABA PAY 1

ABA Bank announces that its ABA PAY payment option is now integrated with the Électricité du Cambodge (EDC) mobile application and website for selected services. As a result of the integration, ABA customers can pay digitally using ABA PAY for the new electricity connection and new capacity requests.

For more convenience, select the required service on the EDC app and choose ABA PAY to pay the pre-authorization amount. ABA Mobile will automatically launch on your smartphone, and the estimated amount will be blocked on the selected ABA account. Once confirmed, EDC will assign a technician to visit the customer’s location, and an actual cost for the service will be determined based on the on-site evaluation. The amount will then be compared with the pre-authorization amount following the prerequisites below:

  • If the actual cost is lower/higher, EDC will cancel the pre-authorization amount, and the customer will make a new request based on the actual service fee as advised by the technician.
  • If the actual cost is the same, EDC will complete the request, and the blocked amount will be released from the ABA account to EDC.

If you prefer to pay for the services via EDC’s website, please visit https://edc.com.kh/. For more info on the services provided by ABA and EDC, contact ABA at 023 225 333 or EDC at 1298.

This new service with EDC becomes an addition to the electricity bill payment service in ABA Mobile available for multiple EDC locations across the country. ABA Mobile app users can conveniently pay their monthly bills in USD/KHR and at zero fees.

With ABA Mobile, you can do remote banking from your smartphone quickly and securely. To learn more about the ABA Mobile app, visit here.

If you do not have an ABA account yet, you can download the ABA Mobile app and open Instant Account (Cambodian ID card and phone number required) or visit your nearest ABA branch today!