ABA​ Bank​ and​ foodpanda​ partner​ to​ offer​ integration​ and​ convenience


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ABA​ Bank,​ Cambodia's​ leading​ digital​ finance​ provider,​ and​ foodpanda,​ the​ leading​ online​ food​ delivery​ platform​ in​ Cambodia,​ introduce​ cashless​ payments​ via​ ABA​ PAY​ into​ the​ foodpanda​ app,​ offering​ customers​ convenience​ and​ a​ more​ rewarding​ payment​ experience.​

As​ millions​ of​ ABA​ customers​ prefer​ to​ pay​ directly​ from​ their​ smartphones,​ ABA​ PAY​ becomes​ a​ valuable​ addition​ to​ the​ foodpanda​ app's​ available​ payment​ options​ –​ cash​ on​ delivery​ and​ debit/credit​ card.​

The​ integration​ of​ ABA​ PAY​ makes​ it​ easier​ and​ more​ convenient​ for​ ABA​ customers​ to​ pay​ for​ their​ orders​ in​ the​ foodpanda​ app.​ Each​ transaction​ is​ securely​ protected​ and​ requires​ authorization​ with​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.​

The​ launch​ of​ ABA​ PAY​ in​ the​ foodpanda​ app​ was​ held​ at​ the​ foodpanda​ Head​ Office.​ It​ was​ attended​ by​ senior​ representatives​ from​ both​ entities,​ including​ Zokhir​ Rasulov,​ Chief​ Digital​ Officer​ at​ ABA,​ and​ Achaya​ BC,​ Country​ Manager​ of​ foodpanda​ Cambodia.​

"We​ are​ thrilled​ to​ announce​ our​ strategic​ partnership​ with​ foodpanda,​ the​ premier​ delivery​ platform​ that​ many​ ABA​ customers​ rely​ on​ for​ daily​ food​ and​ grocery​ deliveries,"​ commented​ Zokhir​ Rasulov.​ "With​ ABA​ PAY​ seamlessly​ integrated​ into​ the​ foodpanda​ app,​ our​ valued​ clients​ now​ can​ enjoy​ a​ seamless​ and​ instant​ payment​ experience,​ along​ with​ the​ possibility​ of​ accessing​ exclusive​ promotions​ and​ discounts."​

Rasulov​ added,​ "This​ integration​ was​ made​ possible​ thanks​ to​ ABA​ PayWay,​ the​ country's​ leading​ payment​ gateway,​ which​ ensures​ seamless​ and​ secure​ transactions.​ This​ partnership​ is​ just​ the​ beginning,​ as​ both​ ABA​ and​ foodpanda​ are​ committed​ to​ further​ enhancing​ users'​ payment​ experience,​ with​ plans​ to​ introduce​ more​ payment​ methods​ in​ the​ future."

"Our​ focus​ has​ always​ been​ on​ providing​ value​ for​ customers​ in​ every​ way​ possible.​ This​ partnership​ with​ ABA​ PAY​ will​ strengthen​ foodpanda​ to​ encourage​ more​ customers​ to​ adapt​ using​ efficient​ and​ secure​ digital​ payments.​ We​ believe​ it​ will​ also​ provide​ a​ comprehensive​ and​ seamless​ service​ experience​ to​ our​ customers​ of​ both​ ABA​ PAY​ and​ foodpanda.​ Together,​ we​ will​ keep​ evolving​ our​ offers​ to​ meet​ the​ needs​ of​ our​ customers​ to​ deliver​ even​ greater​ value​ and​ customer​ satisfaction,"​ commented​ Achaya​ BC,​ Country​ Manager​ of​ foodpanda​ Cambodia.

The​ partnership​ between​ ABA​ and​ foodpanda​ contributes​ to​ the​ development​ of​ digital​ payments​ in​ Cambodia,​ promoting​ a​ cashless​ society​ that​ aligns​ with​ the​ country's​ vision​ for​ a​ more​ digitally​ inclusive​ and​ connected​ future.​ By​ removing​ the​ friction​ of​ cash​ transactions​ and​ offering​ secure,​ convenient​ payment​ options,​ this​ partnership​ empowers​ Cambodian​ consumers​ and​ paves​ the​ way​ for​ a​ thriving​ cashless​ society.

In​ the​ subsequent​ phases​ of​ this​ partnership,​ ABA​ will​ roll​ out​ more​ payment​ options​ for​ the​ benefit​ of​ foodpanda​ customers​ -​ Account​ On​ File​ that​ allows​ one-click​ payments​ without​ repeatedly​ entering​ customer's​ details,​ and​ ABA​ KHQR,​ providing​ even​ greater​ simplicity​ for​ payments​ from​ other​ banks'​ clients​ to​ foodpanda​ merchant​ accounts.

With​ these​ upcoming​ additions,​ ordering​ meals​ and​ groceries​ through​ foodpanda​ will​ become​ even​ more​ seamless​ and​ rewarding,​ further​ cementing​ the​ partnership's​ commitment​ to​ promoting​ a​ cashless​ and​ digitally​ connected​ Cambodia.